Easily one of the most creative lyricists of her generation … Feather’s skills as an actress and her infectious, versatile voice add to her appeal.

—Ken Dryden, All Music Guide


Zany observations … a conversational ease … suggests Dave Frishberg in double time, mixed with the antic playfulness of Jon Hendricks.

—Stephen Holden, The New York Times


Jazzy insouciance, sophistication and hip energy … one of the few singer-songwriters in contemporary jazz worth listening to.

—Will Friedwald, The New York Sun


Stunning  … tricky inner rhymes, offbeat stories … astonishing vocal dexterity …

—Don Heckman, The Los Angeles Times


Great jazz lyricists are not easy to find … Feather can turn a phrase with the best of them.  Her nimble style does justice to both melody and lyrics.

—Howard Reich, The Chicago Tribune


Her stuff glitters and gleams and makes you think of Dorothy Parker or Norah Ephron  … Feather’s voice is intimate and agile … her words witty, nostalgic, critical, fanciful, bitchy and romantic by turns.

—Tony Gieske, The Hollywood Reporter


Energetic, enchanting, and exceptional … She’s utterly comfortable and confident … sings her meticulous, clever poetry in a silvery, light voice …

—Carol Sloane, Down Beat


What can be said that hasn’t already been said in praise of Lorraine Feather? A pop and fizz worthy of Annie Ross at the height of her vocalese powers … pure genius.

—Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times


Intricate and intelligent … her delivery easy but never facile … Lorraine Feather’s voice, lyrics, and original point of view measure up to her roots.

—Elzy Kolb, Jazziz


A natural storyteller … delivering her clever verbal conceits with marvelous clarity.

—Russell Davies, BBC


To simply call her a singer, detracts from what truly sets her apart … her ability to put into words the small and profound incongruities of life.

—Hugo Kujiya, The Seattle Times


She shares a remarkable skill with Paul Simon, Billy Joel and Ira Gershwin. They are masters of the lyric. But Feather goes a different direction with her talents … twisted humor … a nouveau bebop sound …

—Bob Karlovits, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


What a joy, what a delight … surprise-filled lyrics …[her songs] seem to shimmer between past and present …

—Chip Defaa, New York Post


Emotional, sardonic, hilariously poignant and piquant …The lyrics are evocative and deeply imbued with her edgy trademarks.

—Carl L. Hager, All About Jazz


Lorraine Feather is that rare artist who can make time stand still … She could very well be the O. Henry of jazz.

—Carol Banks Weber, examiner.com


Feather’s lyrics are vibrant and true; her singing is that of a master interpreter completely in charge of her instrument … she has it all.

—Rad Bennett, Soundstage Experience


Brooding, dark, mournful and fun … that Feather has hit her full musical maturity is beyond question; that she has hit her peak is still in doubt.

—Thomas R. Erdmann, jazzreview.com


Very strange and marvelous … [her] vocal control is breathtaking …Feather passionately shows that what we conceal reveals more than what we display.

—Steve Horowitz, PopMatters


Paints imaginative word pictures that are rhythmically complex, yet as clear as her voice … she is witty, wry, and poignant, often in a single song.

—Bill Falconer, Coda


Wit, intelligence, subtlety and irresistibility …

—Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz


Totally unique … a remarkable talent …

—George Fendel, Jazz Scene of Oregon


Fierce wit and literacy … probably the most unusual singer in America, [and] the most underrated musical figure around.

—Jeff Simon, Buffalo News


Finds the sweet spot where Kurt Weil, jazz period Joni Mitchell and Dave Frishberg might have collaborated … simply a mind-blower.

Chris Spector, Midwest Record


A hip, happening, very unusual approach to jazz … wonderfully offbeat … There’s a theatricality and an adventurous quality to these captivating songs.

—Paul Freeman, San Jose Mercury News


Much more than a mere jazz singer … one of the most exceptional lyric-writers of our day, a sort of hipper, post-modern Lorenz Hart.

—Lynn Bayley, Fanfare


Most remarkable …  [the songs] conform abstract thought into song … ingenious vocal acrobatics …

—Tom Danna, PM Magazine


A rare level of intimacy, delicacy, and sensitivity …  Feather’s crystalline voice is astonishingly rich in expressiveness and subtlety.

—Paul Freeman, Pop Culture Classics


Takes the song into a new stratosphere, and jazz singing into a new place … I think she has opened a door here.

—Janet Coleman, Cat Radio Cafe (WBAI)


Wonderfully inventive … she is one of the most daring and creative jazz vocalists.

—Glenn Daniels, Jazz Page


Pensive and penetrating …

—George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly


Intricate and literate … unique and challenging …

—Alan Bargebuhr, Cadence


There’s no one who compares to Lorraine Feather in the jazz world-or anywhere else, for that matter—when it comes to her wit, her musicality and her swing.

—Nat Hentoff


She’s one courageous writer. She executes this high-wire act without a net and lands on her feet every time.

—Alan Bergman


For my money, the most skillful of the new crop of lyricists … her work blooms and stands out from the rest.

—Dave Frishberg


Powerful, satisfying, sad, joyful …

—Richard Kamins, Step Tempest


Stunning … real song crafting in the way it used to be and still can be … [sung] with a musicality that cannot be ignored. Wow.

—Gregory Applegate, Gapplegate Reviews


A delightfully eccentric, oddly quirky and incredibly accessible journey deep inside the human personality.

—Brent Black, criticaljazz.com


I have fallen in love with Lorraine Feather.

—Rex Reed


her poetic delivery is second to none … a thrilling and exceptional lyrical performer.

—Jordan Richardson, BlogCritics


Trying to box Lorraine Feather in is akin to playing with quicksilver … a repertoire oscillating between searing, wistful, and hilarious…

—Mark Tucker, F.A.M.E.