CD Info

  • About the album: Lorraine & Stephanie’s stories
  • Read the lyrics “No¬†weight-lifting, no shape-shifting …”
  • Lyrics and vocals by Lorraine Feather
  • Music: james P. Johnson, Fats Waller, Willie “The Lion” Smith, Artie Matthews, John Novacek, Robin Frost, Stephanie Trick
  • Piano: Stephanie Trick
  • Album design: Sarah Bolles
  • Photography: Mikel Healy
  • Produced by Lorraine Feather and Stephanie Trick

Multiply 14 a few times, then square it and add any large number, and you’ll have an idea of the creative and performing delights you can find in this album. Maybe squaring is a bad suggestion, because these tracks are anything but. Lorraine and Stephanie are two of my favorite performers. Lorraine has a gift for fitting the most unlikely rag and stride instrumental pieces with fascinating lyrics and then actually singing the occasionally tongue-twisting results, and Stephanie has become one of our most dexterous and accomplished pianists in the genre. Well, go ahead and square it if you can.

— Dick Hyman