Flirting with Disaster

CD Info

  • Song comments [pdf] A few details about the songs
  • Lyrics [pdf] “I crave your bewitching foyer…'”
  • Produced by Lorraine Feather, Carlos Del Rosario, Geoff Gillette, and Eddie Arkin
  • Lyrics and vocals by Lorraine Feather
  • Music by Eddie Arkin, Shelly Berg, Russell Ferrante, and Dave Grusin
  • Piano: Russell Ferrante, Shelly Berg, Dave Grusin; bass: Michael Valerio; drums: Michael Shapiro, Gregg Field; guitar: Grant Geissman, Eddie Arkin; violin: Charles Bisharat
  • Cover, graphics and booklet design: Michael Ticcino
  • Photography: Mikel Healey
  • Publicist: Michael Bloom
  • Radio promotion: Michael Carlson

Nominee for the 58th Grammys

4 stars Lorraine Feather [is] jazz’s savviest self-chronicler …the songs on Flirting With Disaster quiver with vulnerability … Feather’s lyrics tell us this album is a “wild ride from bliss to despair.” We should be grateful to have been invited along.

— Fred Bouchard, Down Beat

Funny, sardonic, wise and occasionally wistful … dangerously thrilling … like love, a wildly unpredictable journey.

— Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times

Eerie … beautiful … The entire album feels like a one-woman play. It could be a Broadway musical soundtrack or the best night you’ve had at a jazz club ever.

— Brenda Hillegas, Elmore Magazine

A combination of Mystery Theater and the female equivalent of O. Henry … endlessly entertaining, tight hairpin lyrical turns, and surprising emotional cliffhangers that leave listeners both devastated and rejuvenated.
— Carol Banks-Weber,

She works sans net, fearless and supremely confident about what she’s offering, risks be damned.
— Nicholas Mondello, All About Jazz

The lyrics are sometimes wonderfully touching, but sometimes harshly realistic. Regardless of the melody or the lyrics, the star is Feather.
— Bob Karlovits, Tribune-Review

11 impressive songs, each with its own strength and beauty … the ballads on this recording are just stunning. Lorraine Feather continues to grow as a lyricist, vocalist, arranger, performer and human being.
— Richard Kamins, Step Tempest

A Tom Waits-Mort Sahl kind of jazzer …thoughtful, winsome and yet swinging … cerebral, yet also celebratory stuff.
— George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

She is the most talented little-known master in all of American vernacular music at the moment, mind-bogglingly literate and witty and unlike anyone … some of the coolest song lyrics by any singer/songwriter alive.
— Jeff Simon,

Lorraine Feather, accomplished singer and songwriter, is to me one of those who are, in Duke’s phrase, ‘beyond category.’ Flirting with Disaster continues her progression … a poetic universal … a golden voice of great character and musicality.
— Gregory Applegate, Gapplegate Reviews

Her voice is flexible and nuanced; she can whisper, speak rhythmically, hit the high notes pure and clear … whatever is necessary to deliver the lyrics with the most fascinating effect. Lorraine Feather is my new Joni.
— Shannon West, Smooth Views

On Flirting With Disaster, her first album of entirely love songs, Feather hits it out of the park.
— General Jabbo, Blinded By Sound

Miss Feather proves yet again that her sense of musical adventure and originality is without limit.
— Mark Sudock, Metromedia Radio