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What sets Feather apart is the use of her imagination to stimulate your own and to draw you into the heart of an emotion, whether joy or melancholy. In short, it’s like listening to a story on the radio. With a Feather lyric, you don’t just hear, you somehow see! … I just can’t wait till her next release.

—Bill Falconer, Coda

CD Info

  • Read the lyrics “Once my father told me/ The stars aren’t what they seem …”
  • Lyrics: Lorraine Feather
  • Music: Eddie Arkin, Charlie Barnet, David Benoit, Harry Carney, Duke Ellington, Russell Ferrante, Paul Grabowsky, Don Grusin, Skippy Martin, Irving Mills, Johnny Mandel, Larry Steelman
  • Arrangements: Eddie Arkin, David Benoit, Bill Elliott, Russell Ferrante, Don Grusin, Johnny Mandel, Larry Steelman
  • Vocal arrangements: Morgan Ames
  • Piano: David Benoit, Russell Ferrante, Don Grusin, Mike Lang
  • Bass: Brian Bromberg, Dave Carpenter, Trey Henry
  • Drums: Peter Erskine, Bob Leatherbarrow, Harvey Mason
  • Guitar: Dori Caymmi, Anthony Wilson
  • Violin/viola: Charles Bisharat
  • Trumpets: Oscar Brashear, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey; saxophones: Dan Higgins, Larry Williams; trombone: Bill Reichenbach
  • Accordion: Bobby Carpenter
  • Vibes: Bob Leatherbarrow
  • Additional vocalists: Morgan Ames, Randy Crenshaw , Shelby Flint, Michael Mishaw, Carmen Twillie
  • Cover design: Sarah Bolles
  • Photography: Karen Miller
  • Liner notes: Tony Gieske
  • Produced by Lorraine Feather, Carlos Del Rosario and Geoff Gillette

[Her CDs] represent the most imaginative, impeccably composed and sung vocal jazz since the breakout of Lambert, Hendricks and Ross in the late 1950s/early 1960s era.

—Phil Elwood, Jazz West